12 May 2013

LOTD: Lakme Absolute Matte Lip Color 51 Brick Review And Swatches

Hello girls,

iI've taken a very long break. Hope you all are doing fine :) I was planning to buy some lipsticks mostly the light/ nude ones. So went for shopping yesterday and after going there. I totally forgot what i wanted to buy and then started swatching all the lipsticks over there. Firstly, i wanted to try lotus herbals lipsticks. I was so annoyed when they said they don't have the testers. So i went to try some elle 18 and lakme ones. When i asked them about the elle 18 and   lakme lip colors  they've showed  me plenty of them but not testers (elle 18)  :( . i was so excited and tried to open one of the lipsticks from elle 18. the whole lipstick came out of the shell *omg* . I was so worried , but no one saw me :p i've kept it as it is and started swatching all other lipsticks. Finally bought 6 of them and 2 lipsticks from lakme.

List of the lipsticks that i've bought :

2 May 2013

Beauty Therapy: Five Techniques You Need To Know About Basic Facial Skin Care Routine

With the emerging number of beauty salons and spas the huge advertisement around most people are running for non surgical face lift beauty therapies. There are various kinds of beauty therapies like face, body and hair spas and facial. There are different variants of spas too like fruit, sliver, golden, and diamond and platinum spas. Whatever the different variants are the basic principle is the same. There are five techniques that are there in every beauty session whether it is about the body or the face. There are certain set of disciplined set of rules which the regime needs to stick to. The best beauty sessions comprise of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing. This is from the therapist. But for complete beauty therapy you need to round it off by hydration.

22 Apr 2013

DIY: How to do a Perfect Self Pedicure

Hello beauties J

Every girl wants her feet to look the best, which means no cracked heels and blisters, but only smooth and supple skin. Use these home seven simple steps to get a perfect pedicure right in the comfort of your home:

Step 1: Remove the nail polish

Start by removing all of the odd nail polish on your nail using cotton pads and nail polish remover.  Put some nail remover onto a cotton pad just enough to do all of the toes hold it down onto each toe for couple of seconds and then wipe away really gently. Now to get rid of that yellowish outer layer on the nail, massage with lavender oil for about a minute and then buff the nail. Take normal lavender oil and apply it to your finger and then apply it to toe and massage until it sinks in. First do the big toe and then all of the other toes exactly the same way. For buffing use a strip, rub against the toe that will leave the nail glossy and shiny.

17 Apr 2013


Hi beauties :)

Hair is part of what constitutes one's beauty, but they get damaged in some or the other way, even if we take so much care. so there are some tips to get rid of this damaged hair. if you are a person suffering with lots of danduff then the remedies are here: HOW TO GET RID OF DANDRUFF!!

11 Apr 2013

Comparison between Elle18 Color Burst - Roasty Red 15 and Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color Shade Browns Sable

Hii beauties :)

Are you willing to get a lipstick from the market? Are you facing problems with the colors of the lipstick in the cosmetic shop? Elle18 Color Burst - Roasty Red 15 is the particular variety of color that is really popular in the market. Choice of the lipstick is entirely a personal choice of an individual. Some women have got fascination for bright and vibrant color lipstick where as another group of women would definitely like lipstick in light shade.

Lipstick that goes with complexion:

Women with fair complexion can go for any shade of lipstick. But, it is not feasible for a lady with dark complexion to proceed with any color. Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Lip Color Shade Browns will be suitable for people with any complexion. Whether you have a fair or dark complexion, shade of brown is made for everybody. This color makes an individual look really descent and sophisticated.

24 Mar 2013

Lakme Color Crush True Wear Nail Polish Review And Swatches - NOTD

Hi beauties J

Hope you all are doing fine J. Today I’m gonna review a nail color by LAKME. It’s from their color crush range. This color is so cool and lovely. So tried it once in the shop and then bought it . it gives a very smooth finish to the nails, but have to give it an another coat.  So here comes the LAKME color crush true wear nail polish.J

PRICE:  150 Rs/- ( you can buy any of the shades of this range here )
NET VOL: 9 ml 

23 Mar 2013

march haul - skin care essentials !

Hi beauties J
This ones gonna be a haul post. I’ve completed many products like, face wash, sunscreen, toner etc so decided to buy them again and some other stuff too. So finally went for shopping yesterday and bought these things. All products are skin care products which I use in my daily life as skin care routine. I think you like them too J ok let’s see what products I’ve brought yesterday J


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